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How VenueBook Works

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    Apply search filters to narrow down the possible matching venues.

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    Request a quote from your selected venues and receive event proposals & menus.

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    Review proposals. Accept the best suited one and book your event all online!

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Easy Event Management

From planner booking to venue cleanup

Tired of digging through endless e-mail chains and making multiple phone calls? VenueBook's cloud-based, collaborative platform streamlines the booking and event execution process for planners, venue managers and their staff.

  • testimony

    As an event planner in NYC, I love the ease of use and time savings VenueBook provides when booking venues.

    Rick Moelis, Rick Moelis Productions, Inc.
  • testimony

    We had been managing our events the way many small business do: a hodgepodge of websites, calendars, spreadsheets and hundreds of emails. With VenueBook, we’ve unified the management of eight event spaces across six restaurants onto a single platform. With all of the tools in one place, our Events team now spends significantly less time on logistics and more time nurturing relationships and tailoring exciting experiences for our guests.

    Matthew Kebbekus Managing Partner - Operations Little Wisco
  • testimony

    I wear many hats here at Aldea as the GM, 'Event Management' is no longer one of the bigger ones, now that we are using VenueBook

    Chris Lauber, General Manager at Aldea Restaurant
  • testimony

    My department handles all events in The Breslin,The John Dory, The Lobby Bar and Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel. With so much going on in one building things can get a little crazy but VenueBook has streamlined and expedited the booking process! The VenueBook team could not have been more helpful with tailoring the program to our unique needs!

    Jeremiah Clancy, Former Event Planner for Friedfield Breslin

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