VenueBook connects people planning events with the right venues to make communication simple and the event management process easy.

We NYC We are proudly based in New York City but we will be expanding soon!

About VenueBook?

VenueBook is an event-management platform that allows event planners and venue managers to work together in a digitized, collaborative environment. VenueBook assists with streamlining every step of your event planning process, from inquiry to actual event, by allowing all transactions to occur within one comprehensive online space — making the communication process simple and the event management process easy. Headquartered in New York, the VenueBook platform saves you valuable time and allows venues to book more events while increasing revenue. Visit for more information.

How can VenueBook help you?

Consider VenueBook your complimentary online event planner! Based on your criteria we’ll search through our extensive database of venues and collect all of the pricing, package and real-time availability information for you. No need to spend hours digging through endless e-mail chains or repeating yourself with multiple venues on the phone. We are focused on bars, restaurants, loft spaces, galleries and general event spaces in New York but will be expanding to other cities soon. Need help planning: An alumni event? Fundraiser? Birthday party? Corporate event? We can help with most events. Sign up for a free account to begin the venue search process.

About the Team

  • Photo of Kelsey Recht

    Kelsey Recht

    CEO & Founder

    Kelsey is passionate about streamlining the event booking and planning process through VenueBook’s innovative event management solution. Prior to VenueBook, Kelsey worked in stock research at Fidelty Investments, corporate business development at Sears Holdings, and online marketing at

  • Photo of Jonathan Katz

    Jonathan Katz


    Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur who has applied his technology acumen and passion to several startups since before graduating college. At his previous position at Paperless Post, Jonathan built most of the core back-end web application. He holds a BS/BA in Computer Science and Math from Tufts University.

  • Photo of Aimee Bender

    Aimee Bender

    Account Management Director

    Aimee grew up around the table amongst family and friends. She translated an honored tradition into 10 years of developing event systems for esteemed groups such as BLT Restaurants & Dinex. Now she has come full circle, sharing her expertise with venues everywhere helping evangelize VenueBook.

  • Photo of Jay Zawrotny

    Jay Zawrotny

    Designer & Developer

    Jay is a multi-disciplined artist, designer, and developer with a deep passion for all things interactive & creative. He joined VenueBook early in 2012 through a mutual friend who knew the CTO, Jonathan Katz. He enjoys designing the UI & UX, along with developing the front-end on our software.