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The perks

Transparent pricing

One of the best parts of ExpressBook is knowing all the pricing in advance. As you pick and choose what you need for your event, the price will update. You’ll know the base price of your event right away, making it even easier to book in a short period of time.

Curated experiences

You’re building this event from scratch. ExpressBook allows you to pick the amount of appetizers you want served, the drink package and the party style that works best for your event. Your event is made by you, for you.

Less back and forth

We are eliminating some of the back and forth communication by providing you with everything up front. Skip the conversations about event options or general pricing inquiries. Now you message to discuss the smaller details and the fun parts of the event.

The facts (FAQ)

What is ExpressBook?

ExpressBook flips everything back to you, the client. When you choose to book through ExpressBook, you craft your own proposal to send to a venue manager. In doing so, you can eliminate much of the back and forth communication between you and a venue manager. You can pick and choose menu options and event details. If you don’t see something you need, you can shoot additional details over with the proposal. Book events faster than ever with ExpressBook.

How long does the venue have to respond?

The venue has 24 hours to respond to your request.

What forms of payment do you accept for ExpressBook?

ExpressBook can be paid for with any major credit card. If you need to change your payment method after booking, simply contact the venue and they can update their records accordingly.

When do I get charged for the event?

You will not be charged for an event until you sign the finalized contract. When you submit an event, we use your credit card for validation and to show the venue manager that you’re serious about booking quickly. Once you contract the event, your card will be charged 25% of the event total. Future payments, such as the remaining balance of your event or any additional add-ons you select for your event, will be set by the venue. You can access this in the "Payments" section of your event.

When I enter my credit card, is the space held for my time and date?

We use your credit card information as a way to show the venue that you’re serious about booking quickly. The space is temporarily held in our system and other users cannot book through ExpressBook on your date and time during the 24 hour window. However, because some venues use other methods to solidify dates, we cannot guarantee that the spot will be completely held. Once the event is contracted, the space is held and cannot be booked through any other booking method.

For more information, please check out our ExpressBook FAQ.

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