• Photo #2 Main Dining Room at Unum Restaurant
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Unum Restaurant

About Unum Restaurant

Step inside this intimate neighborhood restaurant and sample contemporary American cuisine in a warm and inviting space that features stone walls, wood beams, a backlit tree carved from steel, and a 12-seat bar. Right in the heart of Georgetown, Unum welcomes you home.

Unum is the first restaurant owned by Executive Chef Phillip Blane and his wife, Laura Schiller. This dynamic neighborhood spot, located around the corner from their first home together, is a true labor of love for the couple, who want to offer diners exciting and approachable dishes with regional and international influences.

The first time you visit, you might come for the eclectic and seasonal menu. Or the stylish and cozy setting. Or the wines, craft beers, and cocktails. Or a quick bite at the bar. But we hope you’ll come back--again and again—for the whole experience.

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. The name isn’t just evidence that we listened occasionally in high school civics. It is reflective of the travels and hometowns that shaped us, the food and people who inspire us, and the city and country we call home.

Map Unum Restaurant

Unum Restaurant Address

2917 M street nw

Washington , DC 20027