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About Atera

Atera is a Basque word that translates to: “To go out.”

The sensory kitchen

We live in a world of senses. Everything we experience is captured and brought to our consciousness only by our senses. They are our single point of contact to the reality in which we act. A gentle summer breeze kissing our cheek has to be captured and decoded by our senses before it even makes any sense in our brains.

The same can be said about the crackling hiss from a New Year’s rocket before it explodes in the sky in a deafening boom, leaving colorful trails across the sky.

The smell burns in our nose, our eardrums vibrate and the eyes perceive flaming magenta and cobalt blue.

Our senses guide us through the world – sound, color, feeling, smell, and taste. Nothing makes the senses feel more alive than the act of eating, and nothing makes more sense than to enjoy a good meal. And from this feeling the sensory kitchen is born.


Chasing the best produce is to chase nature itself. But no matter how much we try to control it, nature always has the final say, and we must obey its seasons like a servant obeys his master.

We do this in an attempt to make the kitchen more honest, but mostly and simply because it by far generates the best taste. If you pay attention to our servings you will also realize that the colours in our kitchen reflect the season.

Private Dining

Atera has several different private dining options…

The Main Dining Room
The Main Dining Room can accommodate up to 18 guests and requires a buyout or a partial buyout.

The Library
The Library is our private dining room and can accommodate up to 10 guests. Options include 4, 7 or 10 course menus.

    Amenities offered at Atera

  • Chef's Table
  • Corkage Allowed
  • WiFi
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Atera Address

77 Worth

New York, NY 10013