• Full Venue event space at Boltwood in Chicago, Chicagoland Area


About Boltwood

Part of creating a friendly environment is building a menu that is simple and accessible. We want people to feel welcome at Boltwood for all occasions. A small bite and a beer is just as welcome as a formal dinner, and the menu is designed to deliver both.

When it came time to name our baby we wanted a name that was strong, unique and meaningful but more importantly, we wanted a name that exemplified the same attributes that we want in our restaurant. For years, Boltwood was the name of the freshman wing of Evanston Township High School and as such it represents the start of a new journey, a place that is uniquely diverse, a place that feels alive with energy and enthusiasm and a place where relationships are built. If our restaurant can accomplish these feelings and do so with great food as the driving force then our mission will be accomplished.

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Boltwood Address

804 Davis St.

Evanston, IL 60201