• Full Venue event space at PL8 Restaurant in Chicago, Chicagoland Area
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PL8 Restaurant

About PL8 Restaurant

The exciting restaurant in barrington. 
the yin and yang of food and ambiance 
creating a whole new trend in asian cuisine. 
pl8 offers a fresh, imaginative menu 
of classic chinese cuisine 
side by side 
with japanese kitchen creations and sushi. 
pl8 is where you will find a chic city restaurant 
located in the suburbs. 
where you’ll find superb yet unpretentious service. 
a menu that is sweet and savory. 
classic dishes with a smart twist that are
‘simply asian.’ 
we can’t wait for you to experience 
the best of asian cuisine coming together 
on one pl8.

Map PL8 Restaurant

PL8 Restaurant Address

736 W. Northwest Highway

Barrington, IL 60010