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94 West

About 94 West

Johnny and Mary proudly opened the doors to the Candlelight Lodge on 55th & Spaulding in June of 1958. It did not take long for this place to become known in Chicago as a place for fabulous food, big drinks, "Green Noodles," and a great time.
Through the years, all their children (Wayne, Alan, Susan and Bryan) were involved in the operation, but in 1999, Mary became a widow and the family all agreed that it would be best if they closed the restaurant's doors. Mary passed away in 2001.
On a whim, Bryan wanted to bring back the "Legend of the Candlelight" and the "Green Noodles" to Orland Park.

Map 94 West

94 West Address

15410 S 94th Ave

Orland Park, IL 60462