• Full Venue event space at Killerspin in Chicago, Chicagoland Area


About Killerspin

he Killerspin House is an experiential table tennis facility designed to accelerate the awareness of this super-sport. Guests can come browse the highest quality equipment and the best looking apparel the sport has to offer, get exclusive access to features and amenities, or rent the space for private parties and business meetings. At the Killerspin House, table tennis experts are always on hand to assist and to share their passion with our guests. Come experience the revolution and you won’t want to leave. Killerspin, the leader in premium table tennis equipment and media, is more than just a high-end equipment manufacturer but an ambassador of one of the most internationally popular, exponentially growing sports. Killerspin was created by a table tennis enthusiast and is run by table tennis enthusiasts to this day. That enthusiasm radiates through our brand, rooted in the love for a versatile game that can be highly competitive, a collaboration tool or a social catalyst.

Map Killerspin

Killerspin Address

Field Bldg, 135 S LaSalle St #180

Chicago, IL 60604