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About Frontier

Our story begins with your journey from the comfortable routine of your traditional restaurant fare to the frontier of culinary adventure. Tucked away on the outskirts of West Town, just off Milwaukee Avenue, Frontier will take you out of your comfort zone and give you a taste of eating and drinking on the edge of civilization, where nature dictates what’s on the menu.

Like generations of pioneers who uprooted their lives and pushed for new beginnings in the American West, we prepare and cook our food in ingenious and tasty ways. Our menu pays tribute to what those adventurers ate and hunted on the trail, as we invite you to savor the modern day interpretations of their fare. Our food is best enjoyed in communal settings. We’ve captured the early pioneer’s celebration of family dinner gatherings in order to create you an unparalleled dining experience that is well paired and well fueled. Our bar features a wide array of domestic and regional craft beers, select fine wines, and house made craft cocktails, using only the freshest quality ingredients. And, our full liquor bar accommodates the most dedicated cocktail enthusiast.

Map Frontier

Frontier Address

1072 N Milwaukee Ave

Chicago , IL 60642