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Bissap Baobab

About Bissap Baobab

Ever since first opening our doors in 1996, Bissap Baobab has brought the savory, succulent flavors of Senegal to San Francisco’s Mission District.

Our menu consists mainly of traditional Senegalese cuisine and West African specialties which have become favorites of our returning customers, whom we like to call our extended “Baobab family.”Choose from a full range of gourmet African dishes, including starters, entrees, and desserts; wash down your meal with our homemade juice drinks, one of our signature infused cocktails, or a selection of beers and spirits from all over the world.

More than just a restaurant, Bissap Baobab is a community center and San Francisco cultural institution.

With a laid back, yet distinctly cosmopolitan, worldly vibe which upholds the concept of an African village, we feature weekly, monthly, and special events: from DJ parties; to live music and dance performances; to French language and World Cup meet-ups; to independent film screenings; art exhibitions; spoken word and poetry, and much, much more.

Our name is a tribute to the meaningful symbol of life, community, and culture in Africa -- the Baobab tree.

Native to the equatorial savannah regions, the baobab stores water in its thick trunk, can grow to a height of 30 meters (almost 100 feet!), and has been known to live for thousands of years. In African culture, all parts of the baobab are used—cloth and rope are made from the bark; medicinal salves and tea are made from the leaves; jam, gravy, and beer are made from the pulp, and the nutrient-rich fruit is a delicacy also used in crafts and jewelry. Baobab branches often house bush babies and other fauna, while people have been known to live inside its cavernous trunks!

Just like its mighty namesake, Bissap Baobab provides sustenance and shelter for a multicultural community sharing in food, dance, and celebration. Join us for a meal, a song, or a dance, and become part of the family!

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Bissap Baobab Address

3372 19th St

San Francisco, CA 94110