• Full Venue event space at Haveli in New York City, NYC, NY/NJ Area


About Haveli

Haveli is a term used to describe a mansion in the Indian sub continent where the nobles, high priests, landlords and the affluent would live and entertain their guests .The word is derived from the Persian word HAWLI, meaning “ an enclosed place”. They all share similar features with other mansions derived from middle eastern architecture.

About our cuisine

Here in our restaurant we have brought the grandeur of these mansions of the rich and famous of antiquity into a palatial setting for your entertainment. The cuisine has been matched with the heritage recipes of various families who once owned or even stay in these mansions even today. From the rustic tandoori kababs of the North West Frontier Province and the aromatic mughlai cooking of Lucknow and Hyderabad to the delicate seafood cooking of the coastal cities and towns of this country. Our menu, which will evolve with time and the seasons, engulfs a broad selection of vegetarian cuisine from simple dishes for an everyday diner to much more complex preparations for the gourmand.

We offer seating for 250 persons, stage for a live band or DJ, and dance floor.

We cater to:

Birthday parties
Engagement parties
Weddings and receptions
Corporate and year-end parties
Sweet sixteen parties
Social events and gatherings

Map Haveli

Haveli Address

116-33 Queens Blvd.

Forest Hills, NY 11375