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Loft 29

About Loft 29

This luxury loft space located by Hudson Yards / High Line / Chelsea, is the ideal location for an exclusive corporate dinner all the way to an intimate fashion show/shoot. Events, off-site, and production shoots all find their home at Loft 29.

We have hosted or had shoots with notable figures such as Versace, Elle Magazine, W Magazine, Garnier, Almay, Tyra Banks, Nick Jonas, Ava DuVernay, Daymon John, Meg Ryan, Solange Knowles, Andy Cohen, Misty Copeland, Jackie Cruz, Guido Palau, Jill Stuart, and many more.

- 2 Outdoor balconies
- 1 Full kitchen
- 1 Private Room (dressing/makeup room)
- 1 Full bathroom
- White stained wood floors
- Exposed concrete walls and columns
- Special bronze and steel treatment wall
- 150+ year old vintage metal doors
- Wire/track hanging system (used for hanging signs and framed art)
- Adjustable Track Lighting
- AC & Heating


-- You can connect your personal devices to our sound system using bluetooth.
** We are no longer accepting bookings with DJs that can't use our speaker system.**
-- The speakers can go up to 50 dB (numbers on screen).
-- We also have a separate portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker (Behringer) for cordless microphones.
-- 3 Microphones: 2 cordless, 1 with a cord
-- Electricity is 110 AMP.

-- Nebula Cosmos 1080p HD mobile projector is projected on a 100 in. drop screen.

• FURNITURE: (All furniture in images are included in rental, with no additional charge)

(1) large leather Bretz sofa - seats 4 people
(1) set of designer metal chairs -seats 4 people
(1) set of designer metal bar stools -seats 4 people
(1) set of black vintage chairs -seats 4 people
(2) custom made oak-wood benches -seats 3-4 people each
(1) glass coffee table
(1) glass dining table
(3) 72" x 30" folding tables (plastic: black, grey, and white)
(1) 3'x3' folding tables (wood)
(1) 3'x4' folding table (wood)
(1) clothing rack
(1) full size mirror


Set-up and break down times must be included in the time frame of your booking. The booking time starts running when people enter the Loft. You may NOT set up prior and you may NOT cleanup after your rental time frame or else you will be charged an overtime fee of 1.5 the hourly rate.

• NO:
-- smoking allowed in the space but we do permit (only cigarette) smoking outside on the terrace/balconies as long as the doors to the space are closed at all times.
-- glitter
-- sparklers
-- confetti
-- paint
-- poppers
-- chalk
-- tape
-- glue
-- command strips
-- tacks
-- nails/screws
-- drugs
-- drink outside the venue (ex. hallway, elevator, lobby, etc.)
-- hanging anything on the walls
-- use of kitchen tableware, dinnerware, silverware, drinkware (you or your caterer must provide these. You only get access to the stove, over, sink, microwave, and fridge. Nothing more.)
-- open flames (unless candles are approved)

Deliveries must be done between 8:00AM - 4:00PM. If your booking is on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) you will need to schedule your deliveries on Friday and your pickup on Monday morning (8:00AM - 9:00AM). Friday event pickups must also be done on Monday morning. Notify us about all delivery and pick-up times prior to booking. We need to ensure someone will be present to accept them.

We do not permit music to be played extremely loud. We no longer allow DJs. The volume level should be tested out at the time of the site visit and you will also be informed by the on-site manager if it goes above the limit. All clients/guests must be comply with the rules of the on-site manager. Our event manager has the right to end any booking if rules are not followed. Music must be off by 11pm.

• DAY OF EVENT: (All bookings include an on-site manager)
-- Arrival:
---- The start of your time frame is when the first person can enter the space to start setting up. Setup can not begin any earlier than that, otherwise you will be charged for the additional time.
---- Keep the door closed when checking guests in and during the event.
---- You/designated individual will do a walkthrough with the on-site manager and both will sign off on the pre-existing condition of the space and equipment.

-- Departure:
---- Venue must be left broom-swept clean, all decor, food, bottles, etc. must be disposed of in garbage bags or taken with you after the booking.
---- Moving or rearranging furniture is the responsibility of your team. Our space can be customized, but comes as is, therefore must be rearranged back to its original state after all bookings.
---- After the end of the event, you/designated individual will do a final walkthrough with the on-site manager and if there is any damage to the space/equipment the credit card on file will be charged.


CATERING PERMIT: (required for alcohol to be in the space)
-- Our venue requires a catering permit to serve alcohol off premise. This should be completed by your caterer or bartender.
---- The Loft 29 representative will send you an email with a signed form after booking to finalize processing the permit.

-- https://www.theeventhelper.com/
-- I will provide you with additional information after booking.

-- We do not hold or keep any money before the event. The only time you will be charged is after the walk through with the on-site manager before and after your event, in the event of damage to the space or any equipment. You will be informed before a charge is made.

All guests and event/wait staff must be put down on a list, at the latest, 72 hours before the event.
**Depending on COVID-19, we might require Contact Tracing from all occupants. Ask representative about any additional paperwork due to COVID-19.**

    Amenities offered at Loft 29

  • Allows BYOB
  • Cooking On-site Allowed
  • AV Capable
  • Karaoke
  • Live Music / DJ Allowed
  • Outside Catering Allowed
  • WiFi
Map Loft 29

Loft 29 Address

208 West 30th Street, Suite 801

2nd floor

new york, NY 10001