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Luce Ristorante

About Luce Ristorante

In Italian, luce means ‘light of life.’ At Luce Ristorante, we have an open, airy Tuscan setting that is decorated with warm inviting colors, subdued lighting, blond wood treatments, and graceful drapes framing the tall windows. Fresh flowers and candlelight add a romantic air. We recently added a double sided fireplace, which radiates a soft glow throughout the vestibule and main dining room. Family photos are affectionately displayed on the mantle, welcoming you to dine with us.

Linda and Domnick, the proud owners of Luce Ristorante, warmly and graciously welcome you to dine with them in their beautiful and casual upscale Long Island Italian restaurant. We have 3 dinner rooms that can hold up to 140 people. A private dinner room that holds up to 40 people with private court yard that can hold your cocktail party outside. There is also front patio off the main bar that offers up to 40 people. We can accodate all types of events and have have parking up to 125 cars.

    Amenities offered at Luce Ristorante

  • Games
  • Ceremony On-Site
  • Chef's Table
  • Cooking On-site Allowed
  • Corkage Allowed
  • Dance Floor
  • Live Music / DJ Allowed
  • On-Site Parking
  • Outdoor Space
  • Sports Viewing
  • Valet Service
Map Luce Ristorante

Luce Ristorante Address

1053 Oyster Bay Road

East Norwich, NY 22732