• Bar event space at Ainsworth FiDi in New York City, NYC, NY/NJ Area
  • Photo #2 The Ikonick Room  at Ainsworth FiDi
  • Photo #3 Private Dining Room at Ainsworth FiDi
  • Photo #4 Back Lounge at Ainsworth FiDi

Ainsworth FiDi

About Ainsworth FiDi

Ainsworth Fi Di, is a multifunctional, multi-room venue comprised of a full scale restaurant, bar and lounge and event space located at Ainsworth Financial District between Nassau and Dutch Street. Featuring a modern and sleek design, The Fulton’s décor emphasizes a natural balance between sophistication and the cool, comfortable vibe of downtown.
Allowing for various entertainment options with an emphasis on food and optimal service, the space is complete with a dual-sided restaurant complete with two separate dining areas, three separate entrances, a full bar area in front as well as a multitude of seating options for guests.

    Amenities offered at Ainsworth FiDi

  • WiFi
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Ainsworth FiDi Address

121 Fulton Street

New York, NY 10038