• Upstairs Front Room event space at JoJo in New York City, NYC, NY/NJ Area
  • Photo #2 Upstairs Back Room at JoJo
  • Photo #3 Semi-Private Dining at JoJo
  • Photo #4 Semi-Private Dining at JoJo


About JoJo

JoJo offers a relaxed yet elegant dining experience in a quaint turn-of-the-century townhouse setting on the Upper East Side. JoJo’s upstairs front room, offering sunlit views of 64th Street, can accommodate up to 32 guests for lunch/brunch or dinner; the back room, which provides a cozy parlour ambiance can seat up to 24 guests. The main dining room offers semi-private dining for up to 20 guests.

    Amenities offered at JoJo

  • WiFi
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JoJo Address

160 East 64th Street

New York, NY 10021