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Chinese Tuxedo

About Chinese Tuxedo

East meets west at the Chinese Tuxedo. This restaurant offers up authentic Cantonese cuisine in spacious surrounds that once served as a Chinese opera house. Fans of Chinese cuisine will find a wide range of appealing options, from sirloin steak to sweet and sour pork to spicy mashed cucumbers. Helmed by Chef Paul Donnelly, the menu also features noodles, rice, steak and seafood fare. With a dining room on one floor and a bar on another, the Chinese Tuxedo is a popular nightlife venue and a local hot spot. The restaurant's laid-back ambiance and stately dining room (towered by a 16-foot ceiling) make it a nice pick for a romantic night.

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Chinese Tuxedo Address

5 Doyers Street

New York, NY 10013